Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gift giving

Looking to buy your significant other lingerie as a gift? Youre a brave man, daring to go where most mens knees shake and palms sweat in pure anxiety. Shopping for lingerie doesnt have to be too frightening. For starters, forget having to walk into an all-too-feminine lingerie store in the mall where it feels like all eyes are on you. Try shopping online and youll find the experience to be much less traumatizing. Still, lingerie is a tricky gift, and there are some very useful tips to shopping for lingerie that will help you find the perfect selection for her. Trust me, if you find the right lingerie gift for the woman in your life. . . well, I dont have to tell you just how rewarding that can be.
First things first: you have to get an idea of what size she is. If youre living with your partner, this might be a little easier for you. A little investigating in the top drawer of her dresser can produce a good idea of her size. Dont let all the numbers and letters confuse you. Bras are sized as a number followed by a letter. Remembering both of these is vital when shopping for lingerie, so write them down if you have to. For panties, chemises, and camisoles, youll be looking for numbers and letters as well. Those sized in numbers will be labeled as 5, 6, 7, 8, etc., and those sized in numbers will be labeled S, M, L, XL, etc. If you cant search her dresser, try going on a shopping trip with her and see what size clothing she buys. If youre truly desperate, find a woman you know thats a similar size to your partner and ask her what you should be looking for. Just get a general idea of her size and this will put you way ahead of the game.
Almost as important as finding something in her size is finding something in her taste. You may think that lingerie is more a gift for you than for her, but you have to remember that when she feels comfortable and sexy, youll be the one who reaps the rewards. If shes more flashy than frilly, go easy on the lacy selections. If shes usually conservative, dont try anything way too daring or you may not get the reaction youre looking for. Take into account the clothing she usually wears and this may give you some ideas. Does she favor a particular color or style? Is her personality feminine, flirty, or downright sexy? Most likely you will be able to use this information when you shop online for lingerie.
If youre still feeling a little confused about finding the right lingerie gift, stick to simple pieces. If you find that the sizing and selection of bra and panty sets is too complicated, try shopping for a simple chemise or babydoll. Women have an eye for detail, so a garment with a little lace or beading around the edges is sure to impress. Fabrics like silk and satin can make any woman feel sexy. Just remember that shopping for a lingerie gift online doesnt have to be scary or complicated. Take your time and choose something that goes with her personality, and youll find the end result to be quite pleasurable. Reprinted with permission of

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